Hey, amazing readers! It’s your go-to love guru, Louisa Loveluck, and today we’re diving into the realm of heart-fluttering moments – asking that special guy to be your official one and only.

The way you put the proposal across to a guy will make things official. The wrong approach can turn him off or make him feel cautious, while the right one can win his heart in seconds.

To make asking him out simple and enjoyable, we’ve put together some tips.

Cute Ways To Ask Someone To Be Your Boyfriend

It can be intimidating and nerve-wracking to ask someone to be your boyfriend.

If you’re just friends, you don’t know if the feelings are shared, and if you’re dating, you’re not sure if he wants to take things further. The question is, how do you tell a guy you like them?

Here are 15 ways to ask someone to be your boyfriend:

1 Send Him A Handwritten Letter

Giving someone a letter written by hand is a meaningful way to show that you care. Most people don’t write letters by hand anymore.

Anything you do these days is done on a computer, like typing out a Word document or sending an email. A handwritten letter shows you’ve tried to tell him how you feel.

2 Ask Him Out On Your Birthday

Depending on your closeness, he will take you out for your birthday or call and wish you a happy birthday.

Either way, during your conversation, you can say something like, “Do you know what the best birthday present would be?”

When he asks what, say, “to have a boyfriend just like you.” He’s either going to respond with, “I can be your boyfriend,” or if he’s not looking to take your friendship to the next level, he’ll come up with an excuse and say something like, “Oh no, you wouldn’t, I make a terrible boyfriend.” 

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3 Ask Him Out During A Game Of Truth Or Dare

Make sure you’re alone for this one so he can’t get away with saying something like, “Can we talk about this later, please?”

The truth question will be, “will you be my boyfriend?” If he chooses to dare, it means he doesn’t want to answer the question and probably doesn’t want to be your boyfriend. But if he says yes, you’re good to go! 

4 Get a Friend To Do It

Ask a mutual friend to help you if you can’t stomach doing it yourself.

Explain to her that you really like him and would like to ask him out, but you’re too shy, and ask her to call or meet him.

5 Just Do It

Don’t waste time with any extras; tell him straight. You can either arrange to meet with him or wait until your next date.

Wait for the right moment, and tell him how it is. He’s either going to say yes or no. 

6 Write Him A Poem

If you’ve got some poetry writing skills, a really cute way to tell your guy friend that you want him to be your boyfriend is to write a poem.

You can write about what you like about him, from how he looks to how he acts. You can be sure he’ll say yes because he will be so happy by the end!

7 Send Him A Text Message  

Because it removes the awkwardness from the situation, text messages are a great way to ask someone out. If he says no, it also gives you a get-out clause.

You could just call and say, “Oh, I thought I was talking to someone else.”

Begin a conversation, then ask him the question out of the blue to see what he says.

8 Play A Song Over The Phone

Find a song about women asking men out on dates or a girl asking a guy to be her boyfriend.

Call him and tell him to listen to the song; he’ll most likely ask you why you asked him to listen to it when it’s over.

You can then say something like, “because I was too shy to ask you myself, so I thought I’d get (name of the person who sings the song) to ask you instead. 

9 Ask Him To Help You With Something

Women make a man feel manly, so men love helping them. Ask him to help you with a strenuous household task, like lawn mowing.

You can make him a cold drink and tell him how much you appreciate him helping you out, especially since you love seeing him dripping with sweat.

Watch how he makes you feel and ask him to be your boyfriend if it feels right.

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10 Get Him To Ask You Out

This one will only work if he gets the hint. Keep dropping hints that you would like him to ask you out during a conversation.

Say things like, “It would be cool if someone asked me out.” Or, “I would love to be a certain person’s girlfriend.”

But be over-the-top flirtatious with it, so he knows you are talking about him. 

11 Set Up A Treasure Hunt Game

Set up a game of “treasure hunt” for Easter or Halloween. As you wrap the gifts, there will be a note in one of them asking him to be your boyfriend.

12 Offer Him a Piece of Gum

Buy some gum with wrappers, open them carefully, and remove the stick of gum.

Write “will you be my boyfriend?” inside each wrapper, and offer him a piece of gum. When he opens it, he’ll see the question. 

13 Present Him With A Journal

To do this one, you might have to wait a while. But it’s sweet, so it will be worth the wait. Take pictures, print them out, and stick them in a journal every time you go on a date together.

Talk about how great the date was and how he made you feel. When the tenth date is over, write “Will you be my boyfriend?” on the page.

14 Put The Pressure On

Avoid doing this unless you are sure he likes you, as it will make you look bad in front of many people. What about waiting until something happens, like a friend’s birthday?

Ask the DJ to give you the mic in the middle of the party and introduce yourself as his boyfriend.

15 Change Your Name In His Phone

Ask him to let you use his phone to text your mum since yours is dead out of power. By the way, send your mum a text.

In the meantime, change your name on his phone to “my girlfriend.” When he picks up the phone and asks, “Who is this?” go to the toilet and call him. tell them, “Hi, (whatever your name is)”

When he asks why your friend’s name is listed as “my girlfriend,” you say, “I don’t know, do you want me to be?” It’s likely that he already knows that you changed your name before sending the text.

How To Ask Someone To Be In A Relationship

1. Make Sure He Likes You First

While you’re dating the guy, this doesn’t apply because he likes you and hasn’t asked you to be his girlfriend yet.

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You should make sure he likes you before you go and act silly with a male friend.

His body language will tell you everything you need to know, but you can’t ask him. Keep an eye out for these things: He seems to be talking to you a lot. Does he lick his lips a lot?

He thinks you’re hot, then. Is he standing with his feet shoulder-width apart and his hands on his hips when you’re around?

The Super Man pose, as described by body language experts, indicates that he wants you to get close to his behind. To see if he flirts back, you can also make out with him. You should ask him if you’re sure he likes you.

2. Don’t Ask During Sex

When men have sex, they are not thinking straight. The last thing these men want to do is talk because they are currently having a great time.

Also, he might be so excited that he says yes to your request even if he doesn’t mean it.

He then thinks about it and feels bad about it. Make sure you talk to the man you like about taking things to the next level while dressed!

3. Don’t Confess Your Undying Love

Do not be shy, tell your guy you love him, and he will run a mile! Explore his feelings instead, and let them know that you like them.

One of three things is indicated by the fact that you are asking. He’s either battling his feelings or trying to decide if you feel the same way about him. His feelings for you might not be good.

Don’t get too worked up about things if he isn’t into you like that. You don’t want to make a fool of yourself. He wants you to say I love you first unless he makes some clear signs.

4. Don’t Ask When You’ve Been Drinking

When you’re tipsy, it might sound like a good idea to ask out your love interest, but it’s not. Alcohol makes people say and do things they wouldn’t normally say or do.

You should both be in the right frame of mind when asking a guy to be your boyfriend. In the morning, he might regret saying yes.

He could also say no and later regret it. Either way, he said something he didn’t mean, which could result in a brief live romance or none at all.

5. Be Casual About It

Men prefer things to happen naturally; they don’t like feeling pressured to be in a relationship.

He’ll wait for the right moment to let you know if he’s feeling you. As much as he likes you, he probably won’t get down on one knee and ask you to be his girlfriend. He’ll try to act normal because he doesn’t want to seem needy.

So, be casual about it and take the same approach as him. Don’t worry him by saying, “I need to speak to you about something important.”

Following the conversation, he will definitely say something like, “Oh, is that it? “I thought it was important.”

The start of a relationship is never a big deal to a guy, so it’s not that he’s not taking you seriously.


Remember, lovelies, the most important thing is to make it personal and reflect your unique connection.

Whether you go for whimsical, sentimental, or downright cute, let your genuine feelings shine through. Happy asking! 💖🌟

By Louisa Loveluck

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