Hey there, fabulous readers! It’s your go-to gal for all things communication, Louisa Loveluck, and today we’re tackling a question that might seem simple but can sometimes leave us scratching our heads – how to respond when someone asks, What are the best ways to respond to what’s good?

This is a commonly asked question in social circles, as it comes off as a friendly greeting akin to “What’s up.”

But unfortunately, it’s hard to be sure what the appropriate response is.

For example, when someone greets you with “What’s up?”, it’s perfectly reasonable and acceptable to reply with “Nothing much.”

However, when someone asks you, “What’s good,” and you reply with “Nothing much,” that sounds quite negative.

So, how should you respond to “what’s good?” In this article, we’ll discuss the phrase’s meaning, how to respond to it, and how to make a funny situation.

You’ll also learn how to respond to it online like Tinder or Snapchat.

What Does it Mean When Someone Says What’s Good?

As a lot of people think, does it mean “what’s up”? The reply is yes.

A friendly greeting that many people find appropriate, “what’s good” is just another way of saying “what’s up” or “what’s going on.”

Do not be concerned if the response “Nothing much” does not sit well with you.

Read this article to learn more than twenty different ways to answer “what’s good?” You’ll at least find a few that you like.

We’ll start with the most common answers and then move on to the funnier and more situational ones.

How to Respond to What’s Good?

The following nine instances are typical ways to respond to “what’s good.” Some may sound strange at first, but you’ll soon realize they work great in practice.

1 “Oh, nothing much. You?”

This is the most common, knee-jerk example because it’s what we usually use when someone asks us “What’s up.”

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You’ll be surprised that even when someone asks you “what’s good,” and you say “not much,” they won’t read into your reply and ask if there’s something wrong.

So even if you decide not to use this response primarily, keep it in your back pocket. It’s hard to go wrong with it as weird as it might sound.

2 “Oh, I’m just cracking on.”

This one reveals a bit more about what’s going on in your life.

It’s not unlike saying, “I feel good, just hanging in there,” where you say you’re not doing badly but not doing too well either, and you’re just doing what you can to get by.

When the person who asked you what’s good is a thoughtful one, they might ask a follow-up question to see if you’ll open up.

It’s up to you, of course, whether or not to tell them about the current problem or endeavor occupying most of your attention these days.

3 “How are you?”

Another appropriate response is that this one returns the greeting and warms the interaction.

It also tells the other person you don’t mind listening, and if they have something they want to talk to you about, they might go ahead and tell you.

Other times, they’ll say “I feel good, thanks,” to which you can say, “Nice,” or “Alright,” and you both go on with what you were doing.

4 “Meh, I’ll be alright.”

If you feel like ranting or confiding, this is a good response to use. It prompts the other person to ask, “Why, what’s wrong?”, at which you can take a load off your mind.

Another way to say this is “I’ve been better,” or “I could be better.” Either way, you indicate you’re not all that well. They’ll pay a penny for your thoughts if they care enough about you.

5 “Great. You look amazing today.”

Since it throws in a compliment at the same time, this variation of returning the greeting is warmer. Any compliment will do, as long as it’s real.

6 “Hey, what’s happening?”

A response like this implies that you assume “What’s good” means “What’s up,” so you respond accordingly.

While inviting the other person to turn and talk about themselves, you are simply returning the greeting.

7 “Oh, same old, same old.”

If someone asks you what’s good and you have no new stories to tell, what should you say? Then tell them you’re the same old you. They are going to leave you there.

If you want to tell stories but don’t want to talk right now, this is also a polite response. Saying you’re the “same old” will help you maintain your privacy.

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8 “Can I tell you later? Just let me finish this.”

To prevent an unwanted conversation, what should you do?

While you’re working on something important, someone will sometimes ask how you are.

This is especially typical in a busy workplace where friends who aren’t as busy are always happy to chat.

Saying, “Let’s talk later,” is a firmer approach. Even though the more polite default version will work in most situations, I’m occupied right now.

9 “I am, thanks for asking.”

You pretend they’re really asking what’s going on with you in this situation and take the greeting literally. So, you tell them you’re doing well.

Expect to tell a story or two in response to their question about why you’re doing well.

These are nine of the most common ways to respond to “what’s good.” Let’s take a look at some funnier and more daring ways to accomplish this now.

How to Answer What’s Good in a Funny Way?

Humor is a welcome addition to conversation in many situations.

And you should use a funny response if you can make people laugh and avoid getting in trouble. Try these:

10 “Wait, what? Why? Who have you been talking to?”

The best way to deliver this silly response is to sound scared, defensive, or suspicious.

You’re implying that the other person has been snooping around and asking you stuff behind your back, which you know isn’t true.

11 “Not this weather, that’s for sure…”

Is it really hot today? Or maybe it was very cold? You can always talk about the weather.

You can, of course, change “weather” to something that you and the greeter are having trouble with.

For example, if your coworker said “good morning” and you’re both working against an impossible deadline, you can say, “Not this deadline, that’s for sure.”

As you’ll soon discover, misery enjoys company.

12 “Reuben sandwiches. Try them.”

When someone asks you “what’s good?” in a place that serves food and drinks, they’re likely referring to the menu.

If there is a menu item or two that you really like, feel free to suggest it this way. They’ll really appreciate it.

It’s still a fun way to respond to “what’s good” when a friend asks you if you’re not in a restaurant or cafe.

If the greeter has a sense of humor, they will appreciate the suggestion even though it is a “way too literal answer.”

You can also use this to make fun of people by changing “Reuben sandwiches” to something you both know is bad.

For instance, they ask, “What’s good?” and you respond, “The gas price hike.” Do I have it right?”

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13 “It’s another day in paradise.”

This makes a reference to a famous Phil Collins song, which you may know is meant to be ironic or sarcastic.

So this reply is good for when things aren’t going well and the greeter can relate.

Do you share a tough week with the greeter, like an ongoing trial of work that won’t wrap up?

Or are you both going through the same hectic schedule? Whip out this reply to make it a little easier to handle.

14 “Can’t wait for happy hour, that’s all.”

You can swap “happy hour” for something you’re looking forward to—like the weekend, vacation, etc.

You get bonus points for when the greeter is also eager for a much-needed rest.

15 “Shoo. Not interested.”

You should reserve this for friends who don’t mind ribbing and being ribbing. This will make you laugh and ease your stress.

However, quips like this should be avoided if your group of friends is touchy and reserved.

Mind the other person’s feelings; bridges have been burned for much less.

16 “Eh, beggars can’t be choosers, etc., etc.”

You’re okay, but you could be better, according to this. You phrase it in a humorous, ironic, or sarcastic way, easing the struggle for even a moment.

The greeter may offer encouraging words as a side effect. It may or may not be the words you’re looking for, but as long as they’re not rude, it should be okay.

17: “Hey, can’t complain.”

This is a variation of #16. As you can see, even if you’re down in the dumps, there are many ways to phrase your feelings in a neutral, funny, or relatable way.

18: “When we reach the weekend, I will be!”

How’s that for optimism? You’re telling the greeter you’ll do just fine once Saturday rolls around, but until then, you’ll hang in there.

In a way, you’re focusing on the positive, which drives you forward no matter how tough life might be.

And that’s always an excellent way to respond to “what’s good.”

Now, let’s see a few good ways to respond when you get the greeting online…

How to Respond to What’s Good on Tinder or Snapchat?

Tinder and Snapchat are just two examples of online services where strangers can meet, chat, and potentially agree to meet up in person for fun.

And yes, “what’s good” is a greeting you’ll receive on these platforms quite frequently.

How do you respond? Here are a few good suggestions:

19: “Why don’t you find out?”

This reply is a good test for the greeter if you’re pretty and tend to attract a lot of attention online.

They might press a conversation to find out more about you if they’re approachable and assured.

If they’re not, you’ll also find out very quickly.

Try it out and see your reactions. Whatever happens, it will be an interesting conversation.

20: “Nothing, I’m just chilling, you?”

The greeter is invited to lead the discussion with this more neutral reply.

If you don’t feel particularly talkative or sociable but find them interesting enough to chat with for a few minutes, this is good.

It all depends on how eager you are to chat with the flirty stranger who greeted you.

There are flirty, inviting ways to reply as well as neutral, friendly ways.

Remember, lovelies, there’s no one right way to respond to “What’s good?” The key is to keep it genuine, positive, and open to further conversation.

So, next time you’re faced with this question, don’t stress – just choose a response that feels authentic to you and let the conversation flow naturally. Happy chatting! 🗨️✨

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