Hey there, it’s Louisa Loveluck, and let’s face it – we’ve all been in a situation where we just need a little break from socializing.

Whether it’s a hectic week, personal downtime, or simply the need for some alone time, having a few go-to excuses to gracefully decline plans can be a lifesaver.

So, let’s explore some honest and gentle ways to say “no” without burning any bridges. This article will explore the 10 best and worst excuses for not wanting to go.

What Do You Say When You Don’t Want to Hang Out?

Excuses to Not Hang Out With Someone

What would be a good excuse not to hang out with friends? Are you someone who gets a thrill out of making plans with others? But as the day approaches, you don’t want to go?

You don’t want to come across as a lousy friend. Now you’re trying to come up with an excuse rather than just telling the truth.

When they don’t feel like hanging out, many people make up excuses. Many different things motivate people to do this.

They are reluctant to tell the truth most of the time, though. What if someone decides to keep their plans low?

The idea that they might not like hanging out with you would cross your mind. So you are if you avoid dealing with the problem.

Thankfully, people are now very imaginative. Without being overly forthright, they have found ways to avoid engagements. What are some real excuses, then?

Here are ten valid excuses for not spending time with someone. Your real feelings and intentions will remain unknown to the other person thanks to these excuses.

10 Good Excuses to Not Hang Out With Someone

What are some valid excuses for not going somewhere? It can be humiliating when people find out the real reason they can’t hang out with someone.

What others conceal is the lie that some people come up with. Someone with strict parents, for instance, may feel a sense of shame. But that gives another person leverage.

Typically, people aspire to be someone they’re not. A person with strict parents may feel pressure to project an image of coolness to their friends.

They get a sense of assurance from making up an excuse like “having plans.” Their perception stays as intended. In contrast, someone who is free to come and go as they please does not need to feel ashamed of who they are.

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What are some good excuses, then, for not wanting to hang out?

1. I’m Not Feeling So Well

This may sound like an inadequate excuse. It is absolutely unacceptable to make someone who is sick go out and party.

People frequently say they’re sick, but we know they aren’t, so this excuse is foolproof. You should provide them with clues beforehand so they can carry it out.

Say, “I’m not feeling too well to day,” to start off a regular conversation. The fact that menstruation is a given makes this strategy considerably easier to implement for girls.

In order to avoid going out with friends or doing things they don’t want to do at all, many girls tend to blame their period cramps.

2. I’ve Got Work Tonight

A great excuse for not going somewhere with someone you don’t want to go with is having a work shift.

It’s not like the other person will expect you to skip work and go out. When working night shifts or when your work schedules change, this excuse is great.

3. I Have to Wake Up Early Next Morning

You would know the struggle of going to bed late if you were a student or even employed person.

You really have to fight when you have things to do. Therefore, this is a great excuse to give when you don’t want to go out with anyone.

4. Family Emergency/Pet Emergency

It’s a great excuse to say that someone in your family or your pet has an emergency. Due to the seriousness of the lie, some people shy away from this excuse.

It’s also hard to come up with this excuse. It’s important to remember it so that you don’t forget your lie later on, whether it’s days, weeks, or even months.

A topic surrounding your lie may be brought up by your friend. You must therefore remember to give a status update on the family member. So make sure you plan out the whole story in case they ask questions later.

When you use this excuse at the last minute, it seems like a real emergency. It’s better to cancel plans this way. You can’t tell them about this one a week ahead of time.

So, how likely is it that they would believe this excuse? You may never know what a person is thinking, the truth is. Although, things do happen to people all the time.

You’ve been talking about how excited you are to go. If you bring up the emergency, they are likely to be less suspicious.

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5. Still Tired From Last Night

Your friends want to hang out with you again the next day after having a great time at the party all night. But you don’t know how to tell them you don’t feel like going.

To use in this situation, this is a great excuse. “Last night was so full of fun”. “I’m still really tired from last night.”

You could even say that you have a hangover that you haven’t gotten over yet. Suspicions of you not wanting to hang out may disappear by putting a positive spin on the night before.

6. I’m Broke

“Telling people you don’t have any money can be a little embarrassing;” Try using “I’m running a little low on funds” instead.

Some people try to hide behind the excuse “I’m broke.” But when they don’t feel like going, some people enjoy using this excuse.

Times fall hard on the majority of mankind. That’s life. Use this as an excuse when you don’t want to go somewhere.

7. I Am Trying to Save

If you are looking for an excuse not to go out when you have been going out a lot, this is one you can use.

If your problem is with the person and not the event, this may not be a good excuse.

Imagine seeing a person you consider your friend out every night with other people.

They tell you that they’re trying to save when it comes to you. It can feel like you are less important to them or that they don’t want to hang out with you. 

Although, if the event you’re going to is too pricey, then this excuse may work. You can also use “I’m trying to save money” instead of saying “I’m broke.”

You can tell them that you are saving for something important.

So, you cannot go out because of this. If it’s your friend, then they should be understanding.

8. My Parent/Parents Said No

Use this as an excuse whenever you don’t want to go somewhere. Giving your parents your voice makes it easier to avoid problem friend ship.

But because it makes them look like they have strict parents, some people do not accept this excuse.

Others might think you’re sad. You may still have nosy friends who will try any way to get you out of the house if you don’t want to go.

This is a great excuse to stop people from asking you why you can’t tend to.

Many people, especially teens and kids, don’t like having strict parents. A lot of people don’t use this as an excuse. One of the best excuses for not going out with someone is still this one.

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Nobody wants to get involved when parents have a say. Who is going to argue with your parents, I mean, seriously? So, this is a good excuse not to hang out with someone.

9. I Already Have Plans That Day

The safe excuse is this. There is little room for argument in “I have to at tend something that day.”

Unless they change the date of the trip to work with your schedule. You may then be forced to admit the truth or come up with another excuse.

Tell them you have to go to the salon or watch your sister’s children. Your reason for not being able to go should sound dull and not fun. Instead of hating you for not coming, they may feel sorry for you.

If your friends add something to their plans at the last minute, this will work as an excuse. Someone you know or your friends may have called you at the last minute.

You say you have already made plans if you don’t feel like going. Although you told them late, your friends won’t think much of it.

You can also change it to work for events that your friends tell you about a long time in advance, but you’ll need some acting prowess to pull it off.

Tell them you forgot you had a commitment a few days before your hangout date, or even on the day of the hangout. A sense of hurried regret is what you’re going for.

It would sound like this: “Oh my gosh, I forgot I had to go to” Might I suggest that we hang out another day?”

10. Tell the Truth

Many people find themselves in a position where they feel the need to tell a white lie that is untrue.

In all ways, telling the truth is good. Why are they your friends, even though you may lose them if you don’t feel like hanging out with them?

You could say, “No, but thank you very much,” if you were invited to a party or other event but didn’t want to attend.

You may want to be alone or not feel like hanging out that day. Telling them you don’t want to socialize or feel like going there is fine.

Make sure you respond to the email. Many people find themselves in a position where they are unsure of how to say no. So, they lie or don’t respond right away. You can do a lot when you know how to say “no.”

In your communication, it is essential to remember that being truthful and respectful is the key. When people are honest with one another, they appreciate it, and genuine friends will understand that everyone needs a break every once in a while. Therefore, the next time you find yourself in a situation where you need a break, do not be afraid to make use of one of these excuses in order to help you navigate the world of social situations with grace and fully.

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