Often, how well you can talk to someone determines how much they like you. Can you keep a good conversation going, or do you get awkward and dull?

Can you keep a girl wanting to text you back, or does she sometimes answer and sometimes not? Do you hate getting one-word texts from your crush?

You need to keep in mind that everyone is unique. In a healthy partnership, both people feel safe and connected, but different people put different needs first.

Some people always want straight fun. Some people want to talk about more personal and in-depth things.

There is no better or worse case than the other. But you need to pay attention to find out what’s important to her.

Additionally, you need to take into account some general texting rules.

By following those rules, you’ll have a better chance of impressing your crush and holding their attention.

These are some great things to text about:

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Basic Questions to Ask to Keep the Conversation Going

The best way to keep your text discussion going is to ask open-ended questions. When you’re getting to know someone, don’t think about them too much.

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You should develop the skill of asking open-ended questions if you’re on a dating app and talking to a lot of people. Getting better at something means doing it more often.

As of now, all you have to do is find out who they are and what they like. The safest bet tends to be fun questions that are centered on their personality.

If she responds by asking you open-ended questions, you get extra points!

Casual Getting-To-Know-You Conversation Starters

You should have fun going back and forth and asking and answering questions when you’re just getting to know someone.

There shouldn’t be too much stress right now. Things may send the wrong message if things get too serious.

#1 What’s Your Favorite Food?

Asking about their favorite place, whether they like to cook, and whether they prefer sweet or savory foods are just a few of the many questions that can be raised by this one.

It can be very helpful to know this answer if you’re planning a first date!

#2 Who’s Your Celebrity Crush?

At some point, most of us have thought about being with a famous person.

These are fun things to talk about that can help you figure out what your crush likes, especially when it comes to how someone looks.

#3 Do You Have Any Hidden Talents?

Is your juggling skills as good as theirs?

Do you speak four languages?

Make a great cake?

You might be surprised by what they say!

#4 Who’s the Funniest Person You Know?

It could be you! If that’s not the case, you should find out what makes her laugh!

#5 What’s Your Favorite Part of Your Day?

What does the person you like most about getting up in the morning?

Is that their spin class?

Taking their dog for a walk after dinner?

Having your first cup of coffee?

#6 What’s Your Zodiac Sign?

You may enjoy talking about each other’s horoscopes and whether you’re fit, even if you’re not really into astrology.

You could also ask your crush when their birthday is. Remember to remember that later!

#7 What’s a Hobby You’ve Always Wanted to Try?

Asking them why they haven’t tried it yet is an additional option.

Find out what they enjoy doing in their spare time. This will help you figure out how to meet up in person.

#8 What’s Your Biggest Pet Peeve?

Understand what not to do around your crush if there’s one thing you need to know. You won’t make that mistake if you follow their answer.

#9 What Was Your First Concert (Or Last Concert?)

This is a great question to ask if you like music. You will have a lot to talk about if you find out that you both like the same artists.

#10 What Game Did You Love to Play as a Kid?

This is a great question to ask if you like music. You will have a lot to talk about if you find out that you both like the same artists.

#11 What’s Your Favorite Movie of All Time?

A person’s best movie can tell you a lot about them. No matter if they like Star Wars or Legally Blonde, knowing what they like to watch gives you a real sense of who they are.

#12 What Is Your Dream Job?

What’s the difference between their dream job and the job they have now?

Do they like their job?

Are they happy with their job or do they want to change careers?

#13 What Does Your Perfect Weekend Look Like?

How does your crush spend their free time? Are they more interested in going to the beach or reading a book?

Is it more fun for them to hang out by themselves or with a lot of friends and family?

#14 What Was Your Favorite Thing to Do as a Kid?

What did they remember most about their childhood? What kinds of toys did they like?

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Were they in any organized clubs, sports, or hobbies for fun?

#15 What’s the Silliest Thing to Happen to You Recently?

When did they last laugh really hard?

What makes them laugh most of the time?

Do they think it’s important to be funny?

More Serious Questions to Ask Over Text

It’s important to move on from lighthearted conversation starts to more serious questions about the relationship at some point.

It may be time to step up your text chat once you’ve established a rapport. This is very true when you like someone a lot.

Please think about asking these questions:

#16 What’s the Most Embarrassing Thing That’s Ever Happened to You?

It’s possible that you already know their best story.

What about the worst thing?

The one that still makes them cringe or feel bad?

This question can help you learn more about your crush and figure out what they’re afraid of and where they think they are weak.

#17 What Have You Read Recently That Really Impacted You?

Does your crush read?

Talking books may win their heart—bonus points if you’ve read the same book!

#18 What Is The Best Piece Of Advice Someone Has Ever Given You?

You should know what makes your crush tick.

How have they become a better person?

What do they think is important in life?

This big question can help you narrow down your answers.

#19 What’s the Most Important Thing I Should Know About You?

To ask someone this, you are asking them one of the finest open-ended questions ever. The conversation will undoubtedly keep going if you do this.

#20 How Do You Relieve Stress?

Do they enjoy physical activity and contemplation?

Is anxiety a constant companion, or do they tend to be more laid-back and accept things as they come?

#21 Do You Have a Role Model?

Who motivates them to improve themselves?

In other people, what do they hope to find values?

Also, do they think other people look up to them as an example?

#22 How Do You Feel About Your Friends?

Is their personality more reserved or outgoing?

In their opinion, do other people get along with them?

Is their communication with friends consistent or more sporadic?

#23 What Personality Type Are You Most Attracted To?

The solution to this intriguing topic may really surprise you!

#24 What’s the Most Romantic Thing Someone Has Ever Done for You?

Your concerns about talking about past relationships may be unfounded, despite how awkward it may be.

Your best bet for keeping them satisfied going forward is to study up on what has worked for them before.

#25 What Do You Value the Most in a Relationship?

It’s not necessary to be an expert in relationships to know how crucial it is to respect another person’s preferences.

Is a sense of humor a quality that your crush values?

Or are they looking for someone serious and profound?

#26 Who Knows You The Best?

This inquiry touches on such sensitive topics.

How secretive is your crush?

Are they more outgoing or more private?

Is their mother, best friend, or therapist someone they feel extremely close to?

Prior to inquiring, you hold no knowledge.

#27 How Important Is Family to You?

Is your crush’s family his or her first priority?

On the other hand, do they see their family less frequently?

If you were in the know, would you be aware of any relationship issues?

Do they affect your crush’s mental health?

If yes, to what extent?

#28 What Do Most People Misunderstand About You?

Do you ever get sick of explaining your crush to other people?

How frequently do they feel that no one understands them?

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Feeling lonely among a group of people? Is it making them angry?

You can tap into more empathy when you converse with them if you know the answers to these profound questions about their struggles.

#29 What Do You Value Most in Life?

Relationships thrive when partners have similar values. Having some shared objectives is crucial to keep you together even though you may not agree on everything.

No matter what your crush is into—family, love, school, or business—getting to know how they organize their time can provide you a glimpse into what a relationship with them can be like.

#30 What’s Something You Really Hope Comes True in Your Lifetime?

What do they really want out of life?

Intent on starting a family?

Go on a globe tour?

Reside in an exceptional home?

If you want to know what their top priorities are in life, you need to know this answer.

#31 What Instantly Turns You off When You’re Talking to a Guy?

Does the idea of a guy wanting to spend money carelessly make your crush cringe?

Also when he treats the wait staff poorly?

Does the fact that he won’t stop talking about himself annoy her?

#32 What One Word Best Describes Who You Are as a Person?

This is a difficult question that will make the respondent reflect about their unique selling point.

#33 What’s the Most Interesting Thing About Me?

It asks the same thing as the last one, but instead of using a broad adjective to describe someone, it asks for a more specific one.

#34 What Three Words Would You Use to Describe Me?

I mean, come on, this question could be answered in a million different ways.

One thing is certain, though: you undoubtedly want to know their response!

#35 Who Has a Better Sense of Humor? You or Me?

Is your crush going to be straightforward, flirtatious, or a little bit of both?

#36 What Do You Make Of Our Conversations?

Is all you are to her?

A friend?

Is her anticipation of your interactions genuine, though?

If you are interested in learning, you must inquire!

#37 If We Had to Spend Time Together Right Now, What Would You Want to Do?

You can learn about your crush’s preferred method of having fun with another person from this response.

Will they give you a who lesome response?

Alternately, could they be more seductive?

Their response is likely to make you look foolish in any case.

#38 Do You Have Any Idea How Much I Like Talking to You?

Gently provocative without wasting time. In the early stages of a flirtation, this is one of the most endearing questions to ask.

#39 When Am I Seeing You in Real Life?

Is tonight the date?

What about tomorrow?

By next week’s end?

Who knows unless you inquire?

#40 What Was Your First Impression of Me?

If you and your crush have met in person, this response will help you understand their feelings toward you.

Wishing you a successful outcome!

#41 Is It Just Me or Do You Also Wish We Were Together Right Now?

There are subtle romantic overtones to this flirtatious query. The onus is now on the person you have a crush on to express their own feelings of longing for you!

Take a risk if the person you’re crushing on says they wish you two were together. Find out whether they are free to hang out right this second!

#42 Can I Talk to You on the Phone Right Now?

At times, having a discussion via text might get boring. The number of times you can send a plethora of emoticons or share your favorite meme has a limit.

Talking over the phone (or using Facetime) makes it much more intimate, which is great if you’re having trouble moving things forward.

Get ready for a closer-knit discussion!

Other Text Conversation Starters (That Aren’t Questions)

Those who have used dating apps before know how repetitive the questions are. Maintain proper conversational technique at all times, regardless of whether you feel a strong connection with someone.

The key to successful texting is to always be engaging and new.

Consider these suggestions:

#43 Discuss a Notable Occurrence

Whether it’s the most recent election or a scandal involving a famous person, your admirer is likely to be aware of it!

You can easily keep the discussion going and learn about their news habits by discussing current events.

#44 Discuss Your Most Recent Outing

Last time you were together, what did you do? Tell me how you felt after hanging out with your crush.

This kind of message doesn’t necessitate extensive depth or excessive complexity. Just say, “Last night was so much fun.”

#45 Lightheartedly Discuss the Weather

There is a reason why it is a cliche! However, you might poke fun at the cliché by stating, “It’s so hot today.” Holy cow, here we are, talking about the weather!

#46 Bring Up Something You Have in Common:

If you and your date met via a common connection, that can be a great starting point for a discussion. You are free to discuss that person and your relationship with them.

What a great conversation starter! Especially if you two crossed paths at work, school, or through a common interest! Be careful not to keep talking only about that common experience, though.

When you have a crush on someone, you want to know them more than that.

#47 Share a Fascinating Anecdote About Your Recent Experience:

Asking your crush plenty of thoughtful questions about their lives is not wrong at all.

However, it shouldn’t be completely biased to the point that you don’t show any personality. Let the world see how you’re special and how your life differs from everyone else’s.

#48: Discuss Your Future Plans

If you and your date have already set a date to meet, then discuss your plans for afterward!

It’s pleasant to express anticipation for Sunday as well.

Will six o’clock still work for me to come get you?

Final Words

A deep and meaningful text exchange with your crush should be your first priority. In order to keep them engaged and talking to you, you must first pique their interest.

You also want them to want to keep things going in real life, which is excellent!

Always be yourself; that is the surest way to strike up a discussion. Stay away from topics that you feel are pointless or unimportant.

Though keep in mind that they will seek out conversation if they find you attractive. Reasons to text them back will keep popping into their heads.

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