Hello, wonderful readers! It’s Louisa Loveluck, and today we’re delving into a topic that many of us might find familiar in this age of social media – the curious case of partners glancing at other people’s profiles.

Specifically, we’re going to explore why your husband might be looking at other females on Instagram.

A common complaint among men is that “My husband looks at other females on Instagram.” Does the fact that your husband always looks at other women on Instagram make you feel bad about yourself and rejected?

Did you see that he follows a lot of hot women who don’t look at all like you on Instagram? He doesn’t just follow them; he also comments on their photos of themselves in skimpy clothes to let them know he likes them. Worse yet, he’s texting some of these women to set up hookups!

Having a husband who can’t keep his eyes off of you can be hurtful and embarrassing, especially on social media where everyone can see what photos you comment on and like.

You can be sure that your husband looks at other women on Instagram for a good reason, like getting ideas for what to get you as a gift, or he could just enjoy looking at pretty women.

There is a way to fix this issue, as hurtful as it may be for your husband to act in this manner. Why does my husband look at other females on Instagram, if you’re sick of asking that question? There’s something you can do about it, so keep reading.

Why is my Husband or Boyfriend Looking at Other Females on Instagram?

Your boyfriend or husband looks at other females on Instagram for a variety of reasons, including: To spice up your sex life or get you gifts for your birthday, Christmas, or another important event, he is thinking of ideas.

Men enjoy looking at attractive women because they are visually stimulating. Or it could be for more sinister reasons, like the fact that he can’t stop looking at sexually explicit pictures.

Some signs that your ex still likes you are that you are still on their social media, that they ask their mutual friends about you, or that they keep bringing up old things.

If your boyfriend or husband is looking at other women on Instagram, here are five reasons:

1. He is Getting Ideas

Your boyfriend or husband may have totally innocent reasons why he or she looks at women on Instagram. He might be thinking about spicing up your sex life, so he’s looking at the pants, clothes and makeup women wear so he can buy them for you.

Or he might be thinking about what to buy you for your birthday, anniversary, or another special event. His friends and family aren’t able to help him, so he goes to Instagram to find what he needs.

2. Men Are Visually Stimulated

This is what would happen if your partner were to start oogling someone before you. Enjoy a great night out with your husband or boyfriend at a pub or restaurant.

When a pretty woman walks by, you can tell he’s looking at her instead of you. His head turns toward her, gazing over her ample breasts and slender physique. His actions have destroyed the mood. All of your bad feelings rush through your body, making you feel unsafe, angry, and jealous.

It gets worse: she doesn’t look like you at all. For comparison, she has big breasts while you have small ones.

You’ve got some meat on your bones; she’s slender. In contrast to her, you have dark hair. You’re starting to wonder if your man is no longer interested in you and likes other women more.

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His behaviour is strange when he’s with you. Because even when they are married to a beautiful woman, men still like to look at pretty women.

Because he’s a womaniser, cheater, or player, your man isn’t looking. He’s looking because ALL men do that. Look at women isn’t just for certain types of men.

It’s possible that your partner loves you so much that they would never hurt you by having a sexual relationship with another woman.

As an example, if your ex is still interested in you, they will ask their mutual friends about you on social media or keep bringing up old things.

He looks when he sees a woman he’s attracted to, including women online, because it’s in his nature. It makes you feel the same way when you see him staring at a half-naked woman on Instagram as when you see him do it in real life.

Still don’t believe it? Researchers think that men are so fixated on seeing new things that they spend billions of dollars every year just to look at naked women. Although, women won’t even break a dollar to look at a naked man. Why does that happen?

3. He Has an Addiction to Looking at Beautiful Women

Researchers at Harvard University found that men’s brains react the same way to cocaine as they do to the face of a beautiful woman. Yes, you did read that correctly!

The effect on men of a beautiful woman is like that of drugs: they get them high. Any drug addict will tell you that they are always looking for a stronger high.

So your man is constantly searching for the kind of beauty that will heighten his high on Instagram. He is no longer satisfied with a normal woman.

He’s not oogling over plain Janes with no makeup, if you look at the types of women he’s looking at online. He is looking at the strippers who are wearing very little.

He’s constantly searching for a certain look that makes him want something.

In addition, he might be hooked on porn. The women who appear in adult films all have profiles on Instagram, even though it is not a porn site.

He wants to know more about the women he likes in porn and is drawn to in scenes. He plans to look at their Instagram profiles.

4. He is Looking For a New Partner

It’s my pleasure to bring you bad news. One possibility is that your boyfriend or husband is so fed up with the relationship that he has started looking for someone else.

This is known as the “overlap,” according to experts. When a man is actively looking for a new partner and has already noticed someone, but hasn’t started having an affair yet.

As an example, if your ex is still interested in you, they will ask their mutual friends about you on social media or keep bringing up old things.

His feelings for this woman are very strong, but they haven’t met yet and he may not even have talked to her. He spends all of his time looking at her pictures on Instagram and other social media sites; he’s just waiting for the right moment to approach her.

This is like when a man likes a woman in real life. He does know that she looks good on her, but he’s waiting for the right time to ask her out.

5. He Might be Cheating on You

Did your partner become cold and distant? Tell me about your sex life. In the bedroom, are you still active? If not, it’s possible that he’s finding happiness somewhere else among the men. Regrettably, some men look for a new partner on the internet.

Before telling their current partner they want out, they will have an online affair. Before crossing, a man checks to see if the grass is greener on the other side.

Because it’s so convenient, men are having affairs online more frequently. Men can keep their identities secret by using fake names and photos. For safety reasons, they can make a whole new identity.

Moreover, he stands a better chance of meeting the kind of woman he desires online. As he scrolls through the millions of profiles, he can spend time looking for a new relationship online instead of going to bars and drinking with women. The cost and time commitment of having an affair online are both lower.

When Should You be Worried When He is Watching at Other Females Online?

For men to look at other women is normal, as was already said. But if you start noticing changes in your sex life, he’s spending money on these women, or you suspect he’s cheating, he’s taking it too far, and you should be worried.

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When your husband looks at other females online, there are three reasons to be worried.

1. Your Sex Life is Affected.

It means he’s happy somewhere else if your sex life is affected. For what reason does he say he has work to do and stay up all night in the study? Behaviour like this is often a sign that he is watching a lot of porn and that he prefers the stimulation that comes from porn to sleeping with you.

As an example, if your ex is still interested in you, they will ask their mutual friends about you on social media or keep bringing up old things.

Because he wants you, he’s always coming up with reasons not to go to bed with you. He’ll hide out in the study and whip out some Kleenex for the night instead.

2. He’s Spending Money on These Women.

Men spend billions of dollars a year looking at naked women. Could your man be one of them?

While men can watch porn for free, some websites charge men to connect with women in real time. He may have been giving money to an Instagram bad guy, and now he’s behind on his bills.

3. You Suspect He’s Cheating.

His oogling may have gone too far. Do you suspect your partner is having an extramarital affair with one of the women he met online?

You may have read messages that talk about dates, times, and places to meet. You may have also seen suspicious hotel or restaurant receipts.

What do You do When Your Husband Looks at Other Girls?

When your husband looks at other girls, don’t handle off the fly. But it’s also important that he doesn’t treat you badly. Have a discussion with your husband or give him a taste of his own medicine when he looks at other women.

Have a Conversation With Him

Have an honest talk with him about how he’s acting. Relationship expert Dr. John Gottman says that if you want the best outcome from the conversation, avoid making accusatory statements about your husband.

Saying things like, “You make me feel insecure when you look at other women,” is an example. “When you look at other women, you make me feel bad,” Intellectually, this is correct, but no one likes it when the media points the finger at them, making them feel accusatory.

Say “I feel insecure when you look at other women,” instead. Or, “Seeing you look at other women makes me feel bad.”

If your ex still likes you, they’ll give you plenty of clues, like the fact that you’re still on their social media, the fact that they ask their mutual friends about you, or the fact that they keep bringing up old things.

Interrupt Him

When you were at the bar or restaurant, you would say, “Excuse me, do you mind?” if your husband was staring at another woman in the face.

He would then turn back to you after saying sorry. It’s the same if you see him online looking at women.

Give Him a Taste of His Own Medicine

Give him a taste of his own medicine in case everything else fails. Unless they’ve walked in your shoes, some people don’t change their behaviour.

That is, if you’ve told him how you feel when he looks at other women before you. Give him a taste of what he’s making.

Following your husband’s lead, start drooling as soon as a hot guy walks by. Start stumbling over your words as you look after the guy. We hope that he gets the message.

5 Tips to Deal With Your Husband Looking at Other Women on Instagram

When your husband looks at other women on Instagram, there are a number of things you can do, including reminding him that you have seen him.

1. Don’t Take it to Heart

Don’t take it personally, as you’ve read several times in this article, that men look at beautiful women. He still thinks you’re beautiful and loves you. He doesn’t wish he was with someone more beautiful right now.

2. Focus on Yourself

Instead of comparing yourself to the Instagram woman your husband is crazy about, work on yourself.

Don’t give up on your dreams or your goals. Live your best life. Your husband’s wandering eyes will bother you less and less as you become the woman of your dreams.

3. Remind Him You’ve Seen Him

If your partner has agreed to stop oogling on Instagram after you’ve discussed it with him. This could take a while for him to finally quit.

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If your ex still has feelings for you, they’ll give you plenty of cues, like the fact that you’re still on their social media accounts, the fact that they ask their mutual friends about you, or the fact that they keep bringing up old issues.

Let it go after you remind him that he agreed to stop slipping.

4. Have a Temporary Separation

If your husband refuses to respect your wishes and keeps looking at other women on Instagram, consider a temporary divorce.

Unfortunately, desperate times call for desperate actions, and you will have to stand firm if you want to save your marriage.

5. Get Counselling

They will shrug it off as normal when you speak to your female friends about your husband looking at other women online.

They usually turn a blind eye to it even though they know their partners are doing it. Still, don’t go with the crowd. Get professional assistance if you feel there are deeper problems that need to be addressed.

How do You Deal With the Fact That Your Husband or Boyfriend is Watching at Other Females Online?

As much as you don’t want your partner looking at other women online, you can make things easier for yourself. For example, figure out what’s missing in your relationship, remember it’s not real, and look within.

If you want to find out how to handle the fact that your boyfriend or husband looks at other women online, click here. Continue to read!

Find Out What’s Missing in the Relationship

Some men, sadly, find it challenging to express how they feel. They will bury them instead and find another way to get their feelings out.

In an ideal situation, he’d just tell you what was wrong, and you’d both be able to live happily. You may have a partner who has difficulty telling you how he feels because we don’t live in an ideal world.

The way he deals with things is by finding comfort in an online fantasy world. Once confronted, he may feel safe enough to talk about what’s bothering you, or you may need counselling. You can find a solution at this point.

Remember It’s Not Real

No woman wakes up looking like a supermodel in the morning. Getting ready to look like an Instagram or online hottie takes hours. Please realise that your partner believes a lie.

Porn stars are paid to act silly because people like it. That kind of behaviour probably doesn’t happen in the bedroom with these women’s partners.

If your ex still has feelings for you, they’ll give you plenty of cues, like the fact that you’re still on their social media questions, the fact that they ask their mutual friends about you, or the fact that they keep bringing up old issues.

When you post sexy pictures online, editing tools and filters make them look perfect, which they aren’t. You can look up “Instagram vs. reality” on Google and see what some of these women really look like. Why be upset about something that doesn’t exist if you can’t compete with it?

Look Within

Some people might find this one painful, but I think the article would be much worse without it, so here it is.

If your partner occasionally looks at other women online and doesn’t follow them or leave them sexy comments and fire emojis, his behaviour is innocent.

Men will still look at other women, even if they love their partner. There’s no way you could expect them not to. You say you don’t find other men attractive, but are you sure? Probably not. If so, you need to do some soul-searching to figure out why it’s so difficult to accept your partner looking at other women.

Were you cheated on by someone else? It’s possible that you weren’t the coolest girl in school and were always the last one picked for dates.

Maybe your sisters or girlfriends thought you were the least attractive of all of them. To identify and address the problem, you may need counselling. In any case, some introspection and soul-searching may be helpful to you during this trying time.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Which part of your partner’s online behaviour bothers you the most? If he’s just looking, that’s fine, but following, commenting, and direct messaging them is unacceptable.

What you find offensive, you need to tell him about it. I know you don’t want to come off as nagging, but if you want a happy relationship, you can’t suffer in silence because your anger will come out in other ways.

So here’s the solution: have a calm and sensible conversation with your partner and tell him what you expect from him as a good boyfriend or husband.

Also, it’s important to mend that when setting boundaries, you also decide on consequences.

Enforce the consequences if he violates those restrictions. If you don’t, he’ll keep disrespecting you, and his behaviour will eventually destroy your self-esteem. So you have to enforce the consequences.

Be Supportive

An awful lot of women don’t understand or want to understand porn addiction. They believe that men are just perverts, so they act like it. No, that’s not at all true.

Porn addiction may be comparable to drug or alcohol addiction, according to research. For example, how would you treat your husband if he was abusing drugs or alcohol? With most women’s support, their partners will be able to get better.

What should happen with a porn addiction? Because it hurts your self-esteem, this addiction really bothers you. You feel inferior to these women and that you will never be able to make your partner happy the way they do.

As a result, you withdraw to protect yourself rather than assisting him in the fight.


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