Do you ever catch yourself being really into a girl who already has a boyfriend?

It can be tough to navigate your feelings and determine if she might feel the same way about you or if it’s all in your head.

But don’t worry! There are some signs you can watch for that might help you understand her feelings better.

So, get ready to learn how to read the situation and make smarter decisions about your next steps.

15 Signs a Girl With a Boyfriend Likes You

#1 She Maintains Eye Contact

When a girl maintains eye contact with you during conversation, it often indicates that she is interested in you and wants to establish a deeper connection.

Eye contact shows attentiveness and signals that she values the interaction.

#2 She Laughs at Your Jokes Even When They’re Not Funny

Even when your jokes miss the mark, if she laughs genuinely, it could be a sign that she enjoys your company and likes your sense of humor.

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Genuine laughter shows she’s comfortable with you and wants to keep the conversation light-hearted.

  • #1 People Who Fake Laugh Breathe More When someone forces a laugh, their breathing patterns may change as they try to simulate a genuine response. This can sometimes be noticeable if the laughter seems unnatural or forced.
  • #2 Fake Laughter is Controllable Unlike genuine laughter which is spontaneous, fake laughter can be controlled consciously. It may lack the genuine emotional response that true laughter brings.
  • #3 A Stiff Face Someone faking a laugh may not accompany it with a relaxed facial expression. Instead, their face might appear stiff or forced, lacking the natural ease of genuine amusement.

#3 She Touches You Lightly During Conversation

Physical touch, even if it’s subtle like a light touch on the arm or shoulder, can indicate a desire to connect with you on a deeper level. It shows comfort and a willingness to breach personal space in a positive way.

#4 She’s Quick To Speak To You

If she initiates conversations with you frequently or responds eagerly to your messages, it suggests that she enjoys talking to you and values your communication. This eagerness to engage can indicate a growing interest.

#5 She Always Stands Close to You

Proximity speaks volumes. If she consistently stands or sits close to you, it signifies comfort and a desire to be physically near you. It’s a non-verbal cue that she enjoys your presence and feels a connection.

#6 She Gives You Compliments

Regular compliments about your appearance, personality, or achievements indicate that she notices and appreciates you. Compliments are a way for her to express admiration and build rapport with you.

#7 She Remembers Things About You

When she remembers details about your life, interests, or preferences, it shows she pays attention to what you say. This attentiveness is a sign that she values you and wants to deepen your connection by showing genuine interest in your life.

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#8 She Acts Nervous When She’s Around You

Nervousness can manifest in various ways, such as fidgeting, blushing, or stumbling over words. If she displays these signs when she’s around you, it could be because she likes you and feels a bit anxious about making a good impression.

#9 She Always Looks Good When She’s With You

Putting effort into her appearance when she knows she’ll see you suggests she wants to make a good impression. It reflects that she cares about how you perceive her and wants to look attractive in your eyes.

#10 She Talks About Her Relationship Problems With You

Sharing personal issues, especially relationship problems, indicates trust and a willingness to confide in you.

It may suggest that she sees you as a supportive and understanding person she can turn to for advice or comfort.

These behaviors collectively can indicate that she may have feelings for you beyond friendship. Paying attention to these signs can help you gauge her interest and decide how to proceed in your interactions.

#11 She Initiates Plans or Invites You Out

If she frequently suggests hanging out together or invites you to join her for activities, it demonstrates that she enjoys your company and wants to spend more time with you.

#12 She Shares Personal Details or Vulnerabilities

Opening up about personal experiences, dreams, or fears indicates a level of trust and emotional intimacy. She may share these details with you to deepen your connection and seek emotional support.

#13 She Teases or Flirts Playfully

Playful teasing or flirting can be a way for her to show affection and create a playful dynamic between you. It’s a subtle way of expressing interest and testing your reaction.

#14 She Shows Interest in Your Hobbies or Interests

If she asks questions about your hobbies, interests, or passions, and shows genuine curiosity, it demonstrates that she wants to get to know you better and connect on a deeper level.

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#15 She Finds Reasons to Touch You More Intimately

Beyond light touches, if she initiates more intimate forms of physical contact, such as holding your hand, hugging, or leaning into you, it suggests a desire for closeness and emotional connection.

These additional signs can further indicate that she may have romantic feelings towards you and is interested in developing a closer relationship.

Understanding these cues can help you interpret her intentions and navigate your interactions accordingly.


Q: How Can I Tell If She Likes Me or Is Just Being Friendly?

Determining whether a girl likes you or is simply friendly can be tricky, especially because some women are naturally outgoing and warm towards everyone they meet. They smile frequently, make eye contact, give compliments, use open body language, and are always ready to lend a hand.

If a woman is confident, she might directly express her interest in a guy. However, if she’s more reserved or shy, deciphering her feelings can be challenging. In such cases, the best approach is to ask her directly. While most men look for signs before approaching a woman to avoid rejection, clarity can often be gained by straightforward communication. If her response isn’t what you hoped for, it’s best to gracefully accept it and move forward.

Q: Should I Tell the Girl’s Boyfriend if She Likes Me?

No, it’s not advisable to disclose your suspicions to the girl’s boyfriend. Unless you have concrete evidence and both parties are aware of each other’s feelings, it’s prudent to refrain from intervening in their relationship dynamics. Respect their privacy and allow them to handle their relationship matters.

Q: Should I Pursue a Girl Who Already Has a Boyfriend?

Before pursuing a girl who is already in a relationship, consider the ethical implications. Relationships are built on trust, and pursuing someone who is committed elsewhere can undermine that trust from the outset. Additionally, your actions may be perceived as disrespectful and could strain your potential future relationship with her. Respect her current commitment and focus on building a genuine connection without crossing boundaries.

Q: Can a Girl Have Feelings for Multiple Guys?

Yes, it’s normal for a woman to be attracted to multiple individuals for various reasons, whether it’s physical attractiveness, personality traits, or shared interests. However, having feelings for multiple people doesn’t necessarily mean she intends to act on them. Like anyone else, she’s likely seeking a meaningful and committed relationship with the right person.

Q: What Should I Do If I Develop Feelings for Her and She Wants to Stay with Her Boyfriend?

Respect her decision to remain in her current relationship. Trying to persuade her to leave her boyfriend for you is unfair and disrespectful to both her and her relationship. Focus on improving yourself and maintaining a healthy friendship with her. If your feelings become overwhelming, it might be necessary to step back temporarily to protect your emotional well-being and allow yourself time to heal.

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